Dealerware is utilized by 3,000+ car dealerships in North America and manages a fleet of 150,000+ vehicles for courtesy and rental services. It enables service advisors to effortlessly create contracts, allocate vehicles, and manage essential tasks.
Dealerware's Calendar feature was introduced in late 2022 and enables users to visually review all their contracts in daily, weekly, or bi-weekly views. Users can also monitor fleet status and easily create, manage, and edit contracts, akin to Google Calendar's meeting management capabilities.
I joined shortly after the initial release of Calendar and was tasked with improving several known usability concerns. 

Duration 🗓  March - June 2023
Role 💪 Product Designer
Tools 🛠 Figma, Miro, Atlassian suite
• Calendar page visits increased from 2,900 to 3,500.
• Increased Account Adoption by 105%.
• Negative user feedback reduced to zero.
Due to the ongoing nature of this project, I am unable to provide more details here. If you have the password, click the button below to learn more.