Misc. design works
Daniel has over a decade of graphic design experience.
2020 Tokyo Olympics
Unused proposal for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics design competition. The logo represents Japan’s bright future, while respecting its storied past. The emblem pays homage to the classic 1964 Olympic logo with its use of the rising sun as seen on the Japanese flag, while integrating the year 2020. The overlapping twenties mirror the shapes created in the overlapping rings seen in the Olympic logo. The simple yet modern nature of the logo extends to the pictogram designs which convey the speed and power of the athletes while remaining minimal and balanced.
H-E-B Digital t-shirt
"Proudly H-E-B Digital" t-shirt design printed for 1,500+ Digital Partners. Created in collaboration with Matt Dawson (pattern) and Caroline Costello (tagline).
Promotional poster for The University of Texas at Austin student book club, SCISCHOOL.